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Gods & Alcoves needs YOU!

This website is really just a framework. The framework comprises the bands, records, gigs, sessions, etc. that document the 1979 - 1989 era. But while this data is all very well it does not bring the site to life. We have added covers images of over 440 CDs and 7" singles (plus assorted special editions and cassettes) images. We now plan to extend the site.
We want to start using the framework to hang artefacts on. These artefacts could be tickets, flyers, posters, interviews, clippings, cuttings, adverts, press releases, inserts or literally anything. We have a huge pile of press clippings and tickets, but we want to try and collect together as many pieces of memorabilia as possible.

If you have anything of interest please get in touch by emailing us at godsandalcoves [at] gmail [dot] com.
The table in the explore section shows the information in the Gods & Alcoves database. If you have any information which we do not, especially gig dates we are missing (1919 and UK Decay) or TV & radio broadcasts, please let us know by emailing us at godsandalcoves [at] gmail [dot] com.