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Dalis Car

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Dalis Car was formed in 1984 by Mick Karn (bass, guitar, keyboards, saxophone) & Peter Murphy (vocals). During their active years, from 1984 to 1985, they had 1 other band member: Paul Vincent Lawford (drum machine, drums).

What are they doing now? new material was recorded 2010 and will be released. RIP mick karn - a great loss.

associated bands: Bauhaus.

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Dalis Car was a musical group formed in 1984 by Peter Murphy (vocalist), Mick Karn (bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist) and Paul Vincent Lawford (rhythm construction). The band was formed soon after Murphy and Karn left their former bands (Bauhaus and Japan, respectively). Initially, they recorded one album, The Waking Hour (UK #84), and released one single, "The Judgement is the Mirror" (UK #66). The cover of the album features a detail from Maxfield Parrish's seminal painting Daybreak.

The recording of the album took place in unusual circumstances, as neither Karn nor Murphy spent much time together in the recording studio, preferring to send tapes back and forth between each other, to work on alone.

In August 2010, Peter Murphy announced on Twitter that he and Karn were planning to head into the studio in September to begin work on the second Dali's Car album. The project was cut short, however, as Karn had recently been diagnosed with cancer. He died on 4 January 2011. According to Karn's website, five of the tracks they did record will be released in 2011 as an EP entitled InGladAloneness. The tracks were mastered by Murphy in Istanbul and the artwork for the EP, created by Murphy with Thomas Bak, is being finalised.
Rest in peace Mick Karn, 24th July 1958 - 4th January 2011, you are a very special man. 

Dalis Car

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