The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

Specified rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute

The Sisterhood was formed in 1985 by Alan Vega (keyboards, vocals), Andrew Eldritch (vocals), Doktor Avalanche (drum machine), James Ray (guitar, vocals), Lucas Fox (drums, vocals) & Patricia Morrison (bass). They were active from 1985 to 1986.

What are they doing now? it's better to burn out....

associated bands: The Sisters of Mercy.

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The Sisterhood was a short-lived English musical project, consisting of Andrew Eldritch (writer and producer), drum machine “Doktor Avalanche” / “Chorus of Vengeance” of Lucas Fox (drums), Patricia Morrison (bass and vocals), James Ray (guitar and vocals) and Alan Vega (synthesizer and vocals). Eldritch does not sing lead vocals on the record officially, though does sing Colours & Giving Ground unofficially. The band was formed by Eldritch after the 1985 breakup of his band The Sisters of Mercy. 

There had supposedly been an agreement among Eldritch and the ones leaving the band that Eldritch would retain the rights to the songs and the names, while the ex-Sisters would play their old songs under the name of Sisterhood[citation needed]. Eldritch would not accept this close a name, especially with them breaking the agreement by playing songs they weren’t allowed to. Quickly, he formed The Sisterhood to force the old band members out of the game. In the 1986 the project ended its existance.
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The Sisterhood

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